Bitcoin A Complete Survey from the Perspective of a User

A lot of websites over the web have started lecturing on bitcoins, enlisting their applications and use in global markets. The user should have a well defined idea about bitcoins before he can proceed with operations involving digital cash.

Website Design Features

The website presents a clear image of the bitcoin concept through its colorful decorations and sectional divisions. The combination of yellow and black is soothing to the user’s eyes. The graphical effects provided by the sectional divisions allow highlighting of key points and brings about a sequential ordering of the topics.

Technical Know-how of the Website

The website allots a separate link for learning about bitcoins in general. Although this section refers to a beginner’s guide of using bitcoins it lacks the sufficient information. Instead a section titled ‘What is bitcoin cash?’ is grouped into a different content.

In the section about bitcoins the gist of the matter is clearly outlined in a number of paragraphs. The concept of blockchains that is so closely related to bitcoins is discussed in this section.

Application for Free Wallet

The website provides links to create a free wallet for a beginner enlisting the application’s source. It may have been wise to bring about a PC version of the application but as the site hints there is no provision of a PC version of the free wallet. A very positive aspect of the site in this regard is that it briefs the user about the kinds of wallets that can be used in storing the bitcoins.

Statistics and Case Studies

The website completes its professional outlook by statistically enlisting the market price of various bitcoins along with their total volume in the market. A statistical review of the separate prices informs the user beforehand about the expenses in maintaining transactions through bitcoins. The case studies provided in a separate portion of the website deals with the real life events of bitcoin organizations.

Positive Aspects

  • Simple language with highlighted terms so that the user understands the underlying mechanism.
  • Proper subheadings for user comfort and understanding.
  • Related links navigating to related content and user friendly mode of navigation.

Negative Aspects

  • More organized mode of writing required.
  • Video tutorials are absent.
  • Unwanted information about global events.
  • They have a Bitcoin betting platform that can have addictive effects

The website looks trustworthy reducing the chances of scam. However, the site would have had a better impact if the sections correlating each other are grouped together into further sections.

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